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RŌNIN is a linux security distribution (based on Lubuntu) that provides a professional platform for training and conducting data forensics, penetration testing, and incident response.

The primary objective of RŌNIN is to provide a fast/light linux desktop that brings together a structured curation of security tools and resources that are useful for professionals, instructors, and students alike.

The word RŌNIN (浪人) is a Japanese term for a samurai who has no lord or master.

What are the main goals of RŌNIN distribution project?
The development of RŌNIN is guided by three main goals:

1. Be Process Driven - Professional security engagements are built around a well defined set of goals, limitations, and deliverables. The structure of the RŌNIN menu reflects this by sorting tools into process areas where they might reasonably be used. For DFIR work, the structure is built around a basic Collection, Analysis, and Reporting model For Penetration Testing tools, the layout is built around the Penetration Testing Execution Standard.

2. Focus on Documentation / Training - RŌNIN aims to bring wide-array of documentation, video lessons, and other online materials together in one distro. The objective is to marry tools/programs with easy access to reference materials and free training resources so that RŌNIN can facilitate continual learning within DFIR and PT areas of practice.

3. Community of Practice - RŌNIN aims to be a tool whose development is driven by a community of security practitioners. New tools and training materials can be collated by this group to allow for regular updates (via our repository) to the RŌNIN menu and toolset between releases.

Why use RŌNIN rather than Backtrack, SIFT, etc..?
RŌNIN's objectives (listed above) are different from several other distributions

A few core functional differentiators for RŌNIN include:
- We are documentation and process driven (continual learning platform).
- Primarily intended to be used as a working linux desktop (live system for engagement work).
- We tend to treat some web-resources in a similar fashion to local tools.

Which tools are ready to use?
A package list of security software found in R1 release can be obtained here:
SecTool Reference List

How Can I Install/Update Software?
RŌNIN provides a dedicated debian repository for software and configuration files packaged as part of the project. RŌNIN also includes an update menu for applications that support this (msf,set,wpscan etc). R1 currently also points to the official Ubuntu repositories (quantal @ lower source priority).

What desktop environment are available?
RŌNIN R1 ships with LXDE, a fast and light-weight desktop environment.

What wireless devices are supported (i.e monitor mode / injection)?
A wide range of devices should work with kernel 3.5.0 stock drivers. However, the R1 release does not include injection patches. If you have problems, first check these links on testing your card and determining compatibility.

Where is the 64-bit revision of RŌNIN R1?
Sorry. It doesn't exist yet. Plan to put this on the project-roadmap... :-)

How can I help this project?
For one, you can join us on the project discussion forum to let us know your thoughts. We really value feedback and are esp. interested sectools, websites, and other resources that you find useful in your work. Also if you experience a problem with RŌNIN, you can submit the problem so that we can be aware of it.

Who is behind this project?
RŌNIN is a DefendLink project. Feel free to drop us a note if you have information security needs. We're here to help.

RŌNIN R1 Release
James Webb

QA/Testing Team

RŌNIN is a DefendLink Project.